Ford Bodyshop

Our Body Shop technician will assess your vehicle for all interior and exterior damage after a road collision. No matter what the damage is to your vehicle, we have the experience and state of the art facilities to complete work on all vehicle makes and models.

We can repair everything from:

  • Damaged Bodywork
  • Scratched Paintwork
  • Damaged Bumpers

Whilst we are repairing the damage to your vehicle,we can provide you with a courtesy car.

Insurance Repairs

Involved in a road accident? At Lutterworth Ford, all body shop repairs are covered by your insurance and outstanding fees will be covered by the insurance company you are dealing with. No matter how extensive the damage, our team of experienced and dedicated staff will be on hand to restore your vehicle to its original state. From small scratches to damaged bumpers and broken tail-lights, all services are provided for.

Need a full vehicle re spray? Our on-site paint booth is equipped with a state-of-the-art filter that allows us to work in a clean and safe working environment. From small scratches to full vehicle re-sprays, we can tailor all our services to accommodate all your needs. Call us today for a free quotation or visit our garage for a one-to-one talk with a member of staff.